Elder People’s Health Problems

Many people enjoy their youthful days, which have minimal times with a doctor. At the young age, one’s body is capable of forming an immune system against common diseases. As one’s body ages, there are a lot of health conditions that can affect you. However, if proper caution is taken the elder can have a healthy life as they had in their youthful days. It is worth mentioning the most common physical disorders that affect elder people.

Obesity and overweight

obesityThis is a common disorder in older adults. Obesity is a condition where the body increases proportionally. It is brought about when excessive fats are stored in the body. The human body does not have the ability to store carbohydrates and glucose in their natural form. Hence, it stores them as fats, mostly beneath the skin.

Exercises reduce the risks of one becoming obese. Elder people don’t have the energy to manage and maintain daily exercise. If an older adult has carbohydrates as his favorite’s meal, there is a very high probability that he might get obese. The best prevention measure is to take a lot of water and a balanced diet.

Bone diseases

Bone diseases are very common to the elderly in the community. Almost every elder person suffers from a bone disease in his lifetime. Rickets is a common disease in elder people. It is a condition that renders one’s bone weak and unable to support the body? This diseases mostly affects the legs. In most cases, it leads to elder people walking in a wheelchair. The knees and other joints become weak and unable to support the whole body. The main cause of rickets is lack of vitamin D in the diet. Elder people should be around to enjoy the sun, which is a great source of vitamin D.

The next common bone diseases are teeth infections. The teeth normally falls off from the jaws unintentionally. However, some people suffer from this diseases very early before the natural old age. Such a person should be given food rich in calcium and minerals.

Skin diseases

Old and sickSkin diseases are common in old people. These skin diseases go unnoticed because the skin of an elderly person tends to wrinkle and shrink. Rashes are very common to elder people. They develop after a person has stopped using a perfume that the body was used to. The body reacts by trying to dry the skin by itself leading to rashes in the body. When an elder person complains of skin ache, medical attention should be considered.