Top 4 Foods to Eat in Rome’s Best Restaurants

Most people do not know that there is more to Italian cuisine than the traditional pasta, gelato, and pizza that they are familiar with. Traveling to Roma is an excellent idea because the region offers some of the tastiest and fancy dishes across the globe. Dining in restaurantes en la roma creates memorable experiences, especially for food enthusiasts. Rome is synonymous with mouth-watering cuisines. Some of the top four dishes and foods to enjoy in Rome include:


This flavorful cuisine is a popular choice for most travelers to Rom. This Jewish style fried food is served in all restaurants (both high-end and small) and markets across Italy. A fascinating aspect of the diet is that its preparation can be done in several ways to suit your flavor. For instance, artichokes can be simmered with herbs and oil to give the food a deep and high flavor taste. You can serve the meal with a wide range of drinks and wines to complement the flavor of the food.

Cacio a Pepe

Despite being deceptively simple, this pasta dish is amazingly delicious and tasteful when its preparation is done correctly. When preparing Cacio a Pepe, chefs douse tonnarelli noodles in pecorino cheese and pepper. This mixture is then added to starchy pasta water thereby making a spicy and cheesy sauce.

puff pastryYou can enjoy the dish when catching up with friends or even when taking a break from touring across Rome. The pasta is a perfect choice for a family dinner especially since it is a light meal and hence works best for travelers.

Pizza Romana

Pizza Romana is a cl.sic type of pizza and not the standard type of pizza that most people know. This rectangular pizza uses a different flour type, and the dough is left to rise for a few days. The pizza is usually thin-crusted, and its flavor is enhanced by adding toppings. However, do not add too many toppings because it sold depending on how much it weighs. Most restaurants and eateries across Rome serve the pizza. You can take the pizza with a soft drink or even your favorite choice of wine.


For travelers looking for a dish that they can enjoy for either dessert or breakfast, Maritozzo is the ultimate choice. This sweet pastry is an excellent complement for your morning coffee due to its subtle flavor. The cake is a yeast roll which is cut open and then filled with freshly whipped cream. You can flavor it with pine nuts, raisins or even citrus to make it more delicious.

If you do not know the best food choice for you to eat in Roma restaurants, you can consider asking around from locals on the best dish for you. The locals are welcoming, and you can eat with them as they share exclusive details about the region will make your vacation more memorable.

After enjoying your meal, you can sample some of the artisanal ice creams that are native to the area. Ideally, you should make sure that you enjoy the best from your vacation eating the fanciest and tastiest delicacies in Rome.…

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